quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010

I know, quite a long time since the last post, which was the first one (lol), but I'll explain why ;)
As february comes it brings what's, for me, one of the most exciting festival: the brazilian carnival.
But contrary to most of your beliefs, its more than women dancing samba in Rio de Janeiro and axé (hard to explain how to pronounciate that for you guys) in Salvador.

Here we have the frevo and the best carnival festival you'll ever seen, and its in Olinda (which was declared World Heritage by UNESCO).

In this quiet little town,

joy takes the lead and makes olinda's carnival exceptional.

and to make a part of it, I spent the last and the weeks that's comming to prepare my outfits to enjoy the best ;)
p.s.: I'll try to take pics myself and show you guys when february's over :(