quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010

morrocan military

Hello there,

mom's "birthweek" is finally over, thanks God we only born once! Besides the lack of time to do anything apart the birthday party the week was amazing.
On Friday, my friend Chelsea came for a sleep over and it's incredibly funny see her trying her portuguese out, but she's doing a great job actually. YOU GO GIRL!
Well, I wore something confortable 'cause handle cakes from one side of town to another is pretty exhausting so I chose boyfriend shorts, t-shirt, military jacket AND an amazing scarf mom and dad brought me from Morocco. I'm quite addicted to military looks and to make it more feminine I'm used to lots of acessories, but as said, handling cakes, snacks and all I couldn't do much, that's why I thought the scarf would be a good choice.
Mom and I got so addicted to morrocan scarves that we bought another one from a Morrocan store we saw at the mall, soon I'll show you guys. ;)

Have an amazing day sweeties.

quinta-feira, 3 de junho de 2010

mom's birthday

hey there everyone, yesterday was mom's birthday and we decided to dine out in a french restaurant.

The place was amazing and as we got there, we figured out that the owner and chef studied with dad at school. I must say he has a great taste for decor and when it comes to food, he provides classic recipes that we could find in the cookbook of my grandmom, yours and of course, his too. By the way, most of his menu were take of his grandmom's Irene cookbook, where he took the idea of a special sauce for the filet mignon, it's incredible! The restaurant is called Ponte Nova, and the owner is Joca Pontes.

I forgot to take pictures of this amazing place, but I promise the next time I dine out I take the pics to post here.

this was the outfit I chose to celebrate mom's birthday :)

This dress I designed to a New Year party a few years ago, and I hadn't used ever since. So, I decided to give it a chance and wore it yesterday.

The happy family hanging out, how sweet.

And my brother sleeping on the table.. He blamed grandmom Irene for that, poor grandmom. ahaha

That's all folks, see you the next post :)