quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

long absence

I know, a really loooooooooong absence.
But I promised myself this time I'd be back for real and I intend to keep my promise. The only problem is that I had this amazing idea during my vacations: "London has been in such a heat these days, why don't I put this HUGE bottle of water in my leather bag WITH my canon G11 inside?" Well, you can imagine the disaster right?
Anyway, I still have my camera (without the display), but still have it.
Meanwhile I'll post the photos of the amazing time I had during this break eventhough the looks are nothing special at all.

Starting with the first day, when I met two amazing girls. My soulmate Daniela from Colombia and the preciosa Meritxell from Spain.
As a grand finale, the look. Nothing special, just like I said, but incredibly comfortable for a day of walking, walking and MORE walking.

Adieu! :*

2 comentários:

  1. Liz, thank you for the sweet comments! I love this look in the last photo! I am such a big fan of black! It always looks great!

  2. come on megan dear, I'm just saying the truth ;)
    and I'm a HUGE fan of black as well, no way to get it wrong